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The District's Accountability Office aims to ensure broad access to accurate and timely student and school level information to be used for educational decision making and to provide support for data driven decision making throughout the district.   The Office supports schools by providing data tools and reports that can be used to promote student achievement and make data-based educational decisions. 

Major responsibilities:

  • Compliance with federal and state accountability requirements.
  • Accountability requirements as mandated by the Nevada Revised Statutes, such as data for District Accountability Reports and the System of School Accountability.
  • Administrative oversight for student school days in session, statistical month calendars, class sizes, enrollment, withdrawal, attendance, and count of pupils for apportionment.  Data for graduation rates, attendance, truancy, and transiency, program enrollment and participation, and pupil achievement and school performance.

CCMES Accountability Report Card

2022-27-Strategic Plan-Board Approved

Department Information

Marc Walling - Executive Director

Janet Carter - Grants Specialist

Jessica Hendrix - Progress Monitoring Specialist

Office: 775-782-5160